Arbitrage crypto trading for a DeFi world. contact telegram
Meet the

is a high reward Digital Crypto Fund on Polygon chain that is paying out from Asset Management Fund.

30% - Management Fund
30% - Trading Fund
30% - Dividends Fund
10% - Manage Fee

How to join Delta DAO

Follow to step by step

Join DAO

Login Your Metamask wallet to Polygon. Connect to Dashboard DAO.

Get wMatic

Send Matic to your wallet. Use a Swap Matic to wMatic in Your wallet very fast.

Buy LP

Click the button "Public Offer" to BUY LP token. Minimum 100Matic amount required.

Stake LP

Get dividends monthly for Hold LP tokens in your wallet.
Reinvest or sale profit.

What are we doing?

We manage personal account and trade for clients with our "hybrid intelligence" trading software.
In fact DeltaDAO redistributes 75% of the revenues generated by its products and treasury management to active community members, proportionally to the amount of $DELTA tokens they hold.

How does it work?

When you Join your Matic is locked in the "Delta DAO" and rewards you with a monthly income of 10% on the average. Sometimes your reward can be higher 20% or lower 5% but it's 10% on the average.

How to get started?

Simple way to Join to our DAO to purchase our digital shares, Buy and HOLD in wallet to get profit.

Public offer DELTA Token

Public price 1LP=100 wMatic (Polygon)
Connect to complete xDAO platform, engineered for simple manage to help grow your wealth.
Buy and earn through our Dashboard.

Earn +120% APR through our NFT

Directed graph and artificial intelligence technology.
We builded "Machine learning layer" - directed graph, read more Wikipedia.
It's AI (artificial intelligence) that will build our NFTs based on real crypto market.

NFT collection on OpenSea

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